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Biofeedback measures muscle activity to help the patient and therapist understand the extent of the injury. This data helps stimulate the patient to maximize his effort in therapy. Systems from Denis Behm Supply deliver this information instantly via devices that are simple to use and easy to understand. Such up-to-the-minute knowledge enables patients to feel confident that while their physical rehabilitation may be challenging, it is not creating further injury.

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Image Description

42109 - DuraStick EMG Electrodes - 2.5" (5.0 cm) Round Electrodes
Each Dura-Stick EMG electrode is made-up of three components; two active (recording) and one reference. These electrodes are silver-silver chloride and are single-use.

42140 - DuraStick EMG Electrodes - 1" x 1" (3 cm x 3 cm ) square
Constructed of silver-silver chloride and constructed with one reference and two active points.

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